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How shopping centres can innovate and save the high street

I have realised over the years that most people are no longer satisfied with simply buying goods and services. They expect engaging experiences and want shopping to be fun. Entertainment is playing an important role in the customer journey through concepts like gamification and pop-up shops for instance, but it seems that not everyone is taking advantage of this. Almost everywhere in the world shopping centres are currently revamping or downsizing to survive.Full story: http://econsultancy.com/uk/blog/11151-how-shopping-centres-can-innovate-and-save-the-high-street

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Sainsbury’s ‘Scan & Go’ mobile app is too slow

Sainsbury’s has begun testing a new ‘Scan & Go’ smartphone app that allows customers to scan items as they shop rather than at the till.The app syncs with your Nectar card so at the checkout you simply swipe your card and it registers all the items you have scanned. Payment is then made in the normal way.Scan & Go is currently being trialled with a limited number of Nectar cardholders at two Local stores in London and a supermarket in Hampshire.By David MothFull story: http://econsultancy.com/uk/blog/11129-sainsbury-s-scan-go-mobile-app-is-too-slow

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E-commerce now more popular than high street shopping: report

UK consumers are more likely to use e-commerce than make a trip to a brick-and-mortar store, according to new research from Tealeaf.A survey of 2,071 adults found that when it comes to making a retail purchase the use of a laptop or desktop computer (83%) actually beats trips to a store (81%).The difference is most noticeable among respondents aged 34-44 where the difference was 85% to 78% in favour of e-commerce.It should be noted that the survey was carried out online, but the results have been weighted to try and eliminate any sample bias….for more click through to the Econsultancy blog.David Moth is a Senior Reporter…